Seeking: illustrator / animator for pro-wrestling web series

My good friend Luke Dormehl ( is seeking an illustrator / animator to collaborate on an upcoming pre-wrestling web series.

Luke is a regarded journalist and published author whose work has been reviewed everywhere from the NY Times and Wired to the Guardian. For almost a decade he also moonlighted for one of the world’s top wrestling magazines.

His idea is to produce a series of 10-minute illustrated or quasi-animated Youtube episodes, which analyse pro-wrestling through the lens of critical theory and metatextual analysis. In short: taking the hugely popular sport of oiled-up pretend-fighting way too seriously (and with all respect due), by exploring it as a genre worthy of serious artistic appreciation.

As there is no Vinnie Mac cash, this would be a collaboration rather than a commission – with all the opportunities that come with it.

If anyone is interested then please message here and I'll pass on your details to Luke.


  • Hi Daniel,

    Has this post been filled?

    Loveeeee working with sport illustration check out my website:

    Am available to start asap, get Luke to give me a shout!

  • Hey Daniel,

    This sounds fun!

    Please have look at my website here:

    And please share my details with Luke.

    Many thanks,
  • Hey Daniel!
    I am interested in this project here is my website and email:
    Best wishes!
  • Hi Daniel,

    I saw Luke's post the other day about this and thought it sounded interesting! I didn't reply because I didn't know if my work would be 100% suitable, I thought my work was perhaps too 'feminine' a pro-wresting series... However, that being said, I'd like to expand my horizons creatively and collaborate on something a bit 'different' (usually one's best work comes from trying something new...) so I'm throwing my hat into the ring.

    I'm a freelance illustrator inspired by vintage things who loves drawing people and you can check out my dots profile or my website to see more of my work -


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