SERIOUS savings on award-winning portraiture photography for emerging creatives and recent graduates! 📸

Heya gang! It's the beginning of the school year and I've been thinking about the best ways I can add some value to emerging creatives.

Thinking back, I went through the majority of my degree (as well as through the formative years of my business) without a proper headshot. It wasn't until relatively recently, when my partner picked up analogue photography (with no small amount of influence from my end 😉), that I got to have a nice, clear portrait of myself - simple reason being, I don't particularly enjoy being photographed, and never bothered to invest in one.

Well, turns out that people quite like being able to see your face when they're making hiring decisions, and that cameras aren't particularly scary either. To top both of those shocking revellations off, I've also managed to cushion the blow on the investment aspect as well.

Starting today, I'm offering five emerging creatives 50% off my basic portraiture offering on a first come, first serve basis with code DOTS50. You can book in via or just drop me a line and I can invoice you. I'll follow up shortly so we can discuss the specifics of the shoot!

Finally, the small print - the travel conditions still apply, so if you're based outside London travel may be added on at the standard rate // This offer is being made with the specific goal of helping out emerging creatives and recent graduates - I reserve the right to cancel your order if you don't fit into that definition.

Sorry about the relatively long read, I do hope this is of use to some of you and as always feel free to connect and drop me a line if you've got any questions or I can help in any other ways!


Pictured: my darling partner Victoria, who now takes all of my portraits 🤫


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