sharikat tanzif bialriyad

How to clean the sofa:

Tools required to clean a sofa:

• The vacuum cleaner and attachments for the cleaning process

• A special shampoo that fits the fabric of the sofa

• Carpet washing machine

Air dryer (if applicable)

Necessary cleaning pads (cotton pads)

Sofa Cleaning Instructions:

Before starting to clean the sofa, the type of fabric must be known by reference to avoid some fabrics from shrinking when washing them, such as some types of cotton or wools, and the fabric mark may be found under the sofa.

1. Clean the sofa well from dust and dirt, while not forgetting the corners, cushions and cushions.

2. Wipe the wooden places in the sofa with a soft cloth to remove the suspended dust.

3. Using a carpet washing machine (small) to wash the sofa after applying the appropriate shampoo to it, and it is better to conduct an initial washing test on a small area of ​​the sofa first to find out the effect of washing and shampooing, and it can be done on the back side of it.

4. Dry the sofa well before putting the pillows back on.
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