Should we start a trend here of promoting each other’s products and services on our digital media platforms? Anyone interested?

Starting with products and services by women and non-binary people. Any suggestions on if it’s feasible and how best it’ll work?


  • @Fab Giovanetti I like the idea of providing feedback and helping each other grow!
  • I think it would be great to have a promotion loop that also provides value or allows people to cross promote or maybe provide feedback instead of an endless stream of links ✨
  • @Tabitha Odutayo tabitha sounds like an amazing new project, congrats!
  • @like_afternoon and @angels_wear_nada on Instagram! X
  • This sounds super cool! I recently launched my business, Hooked! Opportunities, which aims to end the cycle of needing experience to get experience. I have been predominantly using Instagram to reach out to people:

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