So as Covid-19 trikes we all end up with no jobs as we have to stay home - for a good cause - let's think of creative ways to make films

I am 100% aware how hard it is as a fellow artist to not be able to go out, be inspired by others and collaborate but the day will come when we will all be able to make our dreams happen again by keeping creating.

Let's think of creative ways to make films alltogether directly from our home ?? Any animators/illustrators fancy collaborating?

This situation is carzy now but in the meantime - whoever you are - know that I am here for anything that can be done remotely.That's even just for a chat or to share midnight crazy ideas !


  • Agreed Erica!

    Although I'm not an animator/illustrator, I am here open to any other way I can help and collaborate in creation content, direction and video editing!

    Good luck to us all!

  • I moved to London two weeks ago (one day before this all happened) in hopes of following my career in videography and have now been left without any hope of completing any videography work, but I am looking for any work in editing (I am experienced in editing short videos) so if you or anyone you know ever needs some help then I'm more than happy to offer some! Stay safe :)

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