Still over the moon and excited about Haringey's Creative Network 2.0 that took place on Sat 23rd July.

Thank you to all the creatives, small businesses and community members for attending, connecting, collaborating and inspiring one another.

We personally would like to give an honourable and a massive
Paul Allimadi
Francesca Castellano
Begoña Toledo

For attending and being our special guest speakers for our panel discussion feature. It was a gift to have you present and share your time and expertise with us and our audience. We will always be in your favour and if you need me for anything, we am just a call away.

Another honourable thank you to our Pitch Your Project Speakers and guest Vendors, it is such a pleasure to be connected with you all and for featuring at H.C.N 2.0 and making it an experience to remember.
Please do check out the vendors, hosts, DJ's and Photographer's who featured on the day, some amazing products and services;

Our Host:
Maxine Griffiths - Creative Soulutions
Our Resident DJ's:
DJ Kenny Hypa - Underground Soul Collective (
DJ Terry G - Creates - Nu Soul Nights (

Resident Photographers:
Tendai Pottinger - (
Steve Taylor - (

Guest Speakers:
Paul Allimadi, Bwoy Wonder - Mandem Clothing - Inside Out - (
Marcelle Adrianna, Marcel Adrianna Studio - (
Francesca Castellano, Francesca Castellano - (
Begona Toledo, Dot + Above - (
Maxine Griffiths, The Model Workshops London -(

Pitch You Project Speakers
Joe Dixey - Portrait photographer, assistant and retoucher - (
Monique Humphreys - Artistic Director of Vexel Creations - (
Bee Veronica Moore - Witty Ditty Designs - (
Wowser - Wowser NG - (
Sonia Pirchi - Bio Construction - (

4-22 Foundation, Employment Consultants - (
Rose Hunsel, Fine Art - (
Agenda Brown, Portrait Photographer - (
Luciano Rocha, Artist - (
4U2 Magazine - (
Sian Doorman, Fashion Design and Artist - (
Xinyuan Ma, Illustrator - (
Jess and Vanessa Beauty Treatment - ( &
Pearly, Handbag Designer - (
Petros Gilazgi, Photographer & Videographer - (
Alma White, Fitness Coach - (


  • Thank you for putting on this event. It was a great time had by all! And I appreciate all that you and the team has done to bring fellow creatives together. I'm very much looking forward to the next one! :)

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