The coming months are unpredictable. What have been some creative and engaging ways brands and individuals have been putting out content?


  • Hi Sam!

    So luckly just before the lockdown I had already confirmed the production for a photo and video shoot for a new e-comm focused on Brazilian resort fashion and niche swimwear brands - that will hopefuly be launched soon.
    Du to the new realities, I am happy to say we managed to implement changes to the shoot that ultimately worked beautifuly on our favour. Thankfuly we weren't using any models and the photographer of this editorial lives with me, so we did the whole production using my backyard to create and with the weather helping us, we captured a somewhat summer-vibe for the pieces and the interior of the house to create a nice-lazy sunset atmosphere.

    I am now on the way to produce and create another new content and this time using the isolation/distancing as maybe part of the mood.
    It will be more challenging as I need to find a model this time and, of course, respect the distancing safety recommendations.

    Gotta stay active, positive and creative!

  • Live streams from artists such as James Blake and Erykah badu have been great. It took a bit of time for the latter to get her strategy and set-up right but the $1-3 'ticket' charge with associated merchandise on offer seems to be working well. It's a full-band situation – impressive.

    #CurzonLivingRoom screening followed by director Q&A using Twitter is simple but effective:

    Also, simple but very well executed is this photo series by Jamie Harmon:
  • Good question Sam.

    We created a short film to capture the collective action that both brands and individuals are taking. You can view it here.


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