The future of work is going to be different than what we've seen before. What are your biggest hopes and fears just around the corner?

  • UX Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Journalist


  • In 1930, Keynes predicted a 15 hour workweek. Now in 2019, we're twice as productive as Keynes ever imagined.

  • I hope we go to a 4-day working week, and use the spare day to maintain our relationships with the people we love. Or giving back to our community / schools etc.

    I fear that employers' unwillingness to foster autonomy, mastery and purpose, over decades, has left many people unready for so much automation, so fast.
  • Hope - more flexibility and opportunities + resources for people to truly be doing what they want.
    Fear - people going way too techy and the solitude levels increase as a result.
  • My biggest hope is that people don't forget that the true skill behind artwork and design comes from the human mind and body. If we have the capabilities to create technology to assist with workflow and workload that's amazing; but never forget who came up with these ideas.
  • The biggest hope is around collaborative and positive work, people will work together to solve the biggest issues. The biggest fear...I would call it maybe a must - is the necessity to permanently reinvent yourself to keep up with the future changes.

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