The Noisy Brain need Contributors & Collaboration. Join the community & help end mental health stigma. . . #mentalhealth #music #wellness

Hi all in The Dots community

Good luck with everything you ar each pursuing.

I wondered if you or any of your community contacts might be interested in The Noisy Brain movement?

The Noisy Brain, encourage people to share their mental and emotional health experiences as written pieces, and with fantastic musicians from all around the world we then turn those 'writings' into lyrics and lyrics into songs.

We are a growing global community of those who want to take care of their mental health - from first-timers to musicians / recording artists, writers and supporters. In collaboration we are all helping each other break the stigma of mental health. 

We encourage writing stuff down. You don’t need to be a poet or musician. We’re certainly not! We gladly receive writings from anyone wanting to take care of Mental and Emotional Health.
Writing is an outlet for sharing experiences. Writing is a powerful way to let stuff out and open things up. There are only positives - from feeling less alone to inspiring others to do the same. It’s not just a normalisation of the topic through discussion, it’s a celebration of human experiences.

Or, as we say - creating a more forgiving world, one lyric & one song at a time.

#mentalhealth #music #wellness 

Here’s a link to some of the work we have been doing with some fantastic collaborative writers and musicians on our YouTube channel (please subscribe):

A short film of our process & journey so far:

The Noisy Brain website:

The Noisy Brain community app Link Download:


I hope you like The Noisy Brain movement?
Maybe we can collaborate somehow, someway, sometime???
Who knows?
We have big plans which I’d be happy to share.
Let me know if chattidge is needed.

Keep on keeping on.
Always happy to chat collaborations and communities
Please explore The Noisy Brain community app and website.
Let me know if chattidge is needed.

Creating a more forgiving world, One lyric & One song at a time


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