Hi guys, Looking for a video editor to edit a documentary style video. Looking at around a 5-7 min edit. Please comment below with your portfolio


  • Hey
    I am a London based filmmaker and work as a video editor at ASOS. I have experience editing documentaries, fashion films and music videos.

    Here is a link to my work:

    Many thanks,
  • Hi Ephraim,
    My works:
    I work with different types of audio-visual, so we can discuss the details of the project.
    As a freelance video editor with a background in film directing, I specialize in creating stories that can convey information viewer. I will be waiting for your reply.
    Valeria Zaitseva
  • Hi Ephraim!
    I am professional video editor and have a lot of experience with documentaries from news to wedding films. Advanced in Adobe Premiere, and other Adobe software. My big dream was the being director of documentary movies, but after I switched to photography

    my works:

    Very familiar with storry telling, using dramatic conflict and narration, sound and visual balancing, color theory at story development, the things make the cinematography from footages.

    My bests,
  • Hi,
    I have years of experience editing, and would be more than happy to edit for you.
    Let’s connect
  • Hi,
    I hope you are doing good. I am a professional video editor, I've more than 5 years of experience in video editing. Provide a professional, reliable and affordable service. I worked with 100K+ subs YouTubers including Logan Paul and edit all videos of Miami Biggest condo Canvas Condos, complete more than 40 project, Fiverr rating 4.5/5.0 stars.


  • Hi,

    Hope you're good.

    I'm a freelance filmmaker based in London.

    Please take a look at my showreel:

  • Hello,
    I hope you are well.
    My name is Jack Thalmann and I am a Videographer based locally to Portsmouth. I understand that engaging visual content is the most efficient way to meaningfully connect with potential consumers and help solidify your brands online presence.
    My passion and experience for creating visual media stems right from working with ITV Studios to Independent Music labels - Because of this you could say I bring the personal touch and creativity of a freelancer with the impact of an agency.
    If you'd like to see any examples of work feel free to check out my website at - Or for any further questions don’t hesitate to drop a call or text on - 07778542014.
    Thank you for your time,
    All the best
    Social links -
    Instagram: @JackThalmann
  • Hello Ephraim,
    I would be very happy to work for you on this project.
    I’ve plenty of experience as an editor and an extensive career in storytelling and multimedia.
    Please watch this showreel which contains excerpts from video productions for NGOs, charities and not-for-profit organisations:
    password: TLT2019
    Other more commercial video work, mainly containing motion graphics, can be seen here:
    password TLT2020
    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want further info, reference letters etc.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Hi Ephraim

    I would be really interested in working on this project with you. I have experience shooting and editing short documentaries both branded and for festival and television broadcast. I have also edited material for international development charities to share positive stories from their projects around the world. My short film L'estoc which I will share with you below was a behind the scenes at a unique co-operative in Barcelona went on to win awards and be featured at festivals across Europe.

    Please find some examples of my work below

    Editing - Breaking down cleft surgery stigma in Kenya - Bringing ultrasound to the bedside in Rwanda - A journey to cleft care in the Philippines

    Camera operator and editor - L'estoc

    I look forward to hopefully speaking soon,
  • Hey Ephraim

    Please check out my work on brands such as Tesla

    and travel Malaysia

    Please get in touch on 07535 51 2018 so we can discuss further
  • Hey Ephraim, documentary and narrative is my speciality :) Production reel can be found at and recent documentary at

  • Dear Ephraim,
    I'm a filmmaker/editor specializing in short documentaries (branded to). I could be interested in knowing some more, in the meantime you can check out my works on my The Dots profile or, if you prefer, on my digital portfolio at

  • Good afternoon Ephraim,
    Saw your post. I'm interested. Please check out my showreel and tell me what you think. Thanks
  • Hi Ephraim,

    I’m all about short doc style pieces both branded and non branded documentaries.

    Here is my work:


  • Hi Ephraim,
    I'm a documentary filmmaker and editor, specialising in short films. There's examples of my previous work on my profile here, if you're interested. I also have a vimeo page

    I'm also avaliable to start asap!

  • Hey Ephraim !
    I am currently available, I have done multiple projects in a documentary style, also short films
    Here is my website :
    Would love to discuss it further !

  • Hey Ephraim,

    Would love to hear a bit more about your film,

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