Volounteer for The Prince' Trust - can you create short video and sound content from pre existing video recordings for socials ?

this is a volounteer role for a up and coming content creator. I am looking for someone who can create short engaging video content, and sound bites from pre exisintg recordings taken from a Zoom. Must be passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and Black Lives Matter.
Please do not hesitiate to get in contact. Many Thanks
Dagmar BennettCreative Producer & Innovation Executive


  • Hi Dagmar I would be very interested, I ahve a camera, editing and music studio so woulkd be really interested to get involved !
  • Hi, sounds like it could be interesting, drop me a line if you want to share some more details.
    I’m more of a photographer, you can see some of my work at www.rockdoverehab.com but I’ve just started making content for a YouTube channel if you’d like to check it out as an example of my audio/visual work.
    My channel is also rockdoverehab, my normal upload day is Tuesday, my upcoming episode is about why we should feel hopeful for the future of racial equality.
  • Hello,

    Please count me in and contact me at info@danielangell.com to speak further. I work in sound post, editing and creating audio for media.

    Thank you
  • Hi Dagmar,
    I hope you're well.

    I'd love to invest my time and energy in creating something miningful like that. Let me know if you're interested.

    My website: http://www.ppachtelik.com
    My email: ppachtelik@gmail.com


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