We're looking for a Director who represents Youth Culture. Someone who can think like and speak to Gen Z because they are that audience.

Please get in touch if you are a Director's rep who has this talent on your roster, or a Director who is particularly in tune with a teenage demographic - how they think on social, how they speak, interact and ultimately how they create content (conisderation to shooting style, edit style, animation, graphics etc).

Please email jo.lumb@wearesocial.net with reels and why you fit this this brief!


  • Hii, reach me via email rodrigo@maccimedia.com
    I'd be pleased to help
  • Hi Annabel,
    I work for UAL: London College of Communication in the Business and Innovation team. I believe there could be an interesting collaboration between our MA/BA Film students and this project.

    Let me know if you are interested.
  • Hi there Annabel,

    I loved seeing this post pop up on my timeline today. It encompasses all that I've been doing as the Head of Brand Ambassadors for a Fintech focused on supporting the next generation of graduates.

    I'm really keen to talk further and to see whether there's an opportunity for me to share my inisght.

    Feel free to connect!

    Best wishes,


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