We would like to collaborate with website developer on opening new mixed/new media studio.

  • Website Developer
  • Creative Technologist
  • Back-end Developer


  • Hey Billy!
    I'm quite new to web development but recently won a prize for my first website which I rustled up in a week- check it out: https://carwyn518.github.io/group_project/
    I'd love to do more and I'm very creative/ an artist/ writer as well (lit degree and experience writing copy) and I like the look of your own work so drop me a message if you think I might be a fit. (if you want to have a look at my paintings/ set design some are about at harriet gillett.myportfolio.com
  • Hi Billy, we might be able to help, send us an email hello@fortnight.studio so we could expand a bit more, maybe over a call too! Thanks!

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