Website Designer needed with experience using Squarespace or Shopify. Ideally available to start now.

Working collaboratively with myself, Edvinas Bruzas, leading the project as Art Director, you will be designing an e-commerce website for a new fashion brand. Upon a successful collaboration, there will be opportunities to work on additional design projects as well if interested.


  • Hey! I’m Yağmur. I’m an award-winning graphic designer and illustrator. I have worked with many brands including Adobe, L’Officiel, A2IM Libera Awards, J&B, Adidas, Singleton and Chicago Latino Film Festival.
    You can find similar projects on my websites:
    Feel free to send me an e-mail.
  • Hello Edvinas,

    I hope you are well! If this position is still is still open I would love to express my interest in the role. I am a web designer who is confident building and working collaboratively on websites on Squarespace. My most recent project was

    You can view other examples of my work at and get in contact via

    Best wishes,

  • Hey Edvinas, would love to help you out! Your work is beautiful 💜

    I'm Ana, a designer based in London. Specialised in branding and passionate about culture and purpose-led projects.

    I help organisations create positive impact by communicating their purpose with clarity and meaning. I use branding and graphic design to create platforms that celebrate them in what they do best, so that together we can take better care of our communities and planet.

    I have good experience with SquareSpace and Shopify. You can see examples of SquareSpace websites designed by me below:

    In both examples, I also designed the branding!
    You can see more my work at

    All the best,
  • Hey! Would love to discuss your website. Let’s chat! If you email me at that’s probably the fastest way to reach me. Look forwards to talking about your project. Will (
  • Hello Edvinas. I am a communications designer based in Berlin. I'm focused on Web and UX design and development and I'm specialized in CMS platforms such as WordPress and Shopify.
    I have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Liquid.
    I work mostly as a freelancer but I'm also open to work on a regular basis under contract conditions.
    You can check some of my projects and clients at WWW.VSIOSTUDIO.COM
  • Hello I’m Mehmet
    I am a freelance graphic designer and art director who has worked with global and regional brands for many years. Works with advertising agencies and individual brands in general. I have received awards from EDWARDS and AIGA competitions. Some brands i have worked with; with Adidas Originals Puma and Spotify. For more detailed information about me:
  • Hey Edvinas. I’m a London based graphic / digital / UI designer with over 20 years of experience, and a degree in psychology of business. My areas of expertise include creating layouts and wireframes design for websites and emails, digital and print ads, print-ready assets and artworks, and presentations.

    Key Skills:
    — Digital design
    — UI design
    — Low & high fidelity wireframes and prototypes
    — Print design
    — Presentations

    You can view my portfolio here:

    Let me know if you'd like to have a chat about your project and my experience, please.
  • Hi Edvinas,

    I'm a freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer that specialises in Branding, Editorial, Illustration, Typography and Web Design. I'm sure that I can be of help. You can see my work at and get in touch with me through

    Good luck with it all and hope to hear from you soon!
    Nath :)
  • Hi Edvinas,

    I’d love to hear more about this! I’m a freelance creative with 6 years of experience working in design, with clients including Harper Collins, AmazonAds and Steven Bartlett. I have extensive experience designing and building both Squarespace and Shopify websites, examples can be seen via

    Feel free to DM or you can email via

    Best wishes,
  • Hi Ed, let me know a little more about the project. Take a look at for select completed projects. Thanks

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