What are fin-tech companies looking for when hiring a UI/ UX designer?

Here is a link to my portfolio www.maielamin.com


  • Fin-techs are “special kids” and they think they are looking for designers and they know how to hire them. Unfortunately, I don’t think if they do. They are looking for “specific” - “mindset” that will “fit” their “culture”. It is kinda bizarre as designers differ from average fin-tech workers. Also, being hired by people who have no clue about design is very random, as they will judge you from their personal perspective. Don’t go there if you don’t need to - friendly advice :). In the end, they are obsessed with money.
  • This post has had some 'critque' on Twitter (and in the comments section), but might be useful for an insight into Monzo's process: https://monzo.com/blog/2019/01/17/monzo-product-designer-jobs
  • For the most part they are looking for critical thinking but they always examine the portfolio. 3 words portfolio, portfolio, portfolio. :)

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