What are some worth while portfolio sites to be on?

I've got the main ones covered- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Behance, the Dots etc, but it would good to find out some that I'd never come across before.


  • @Justin Poulter Hi Justin,

    Thank you for your suggestions. I have a Behance portfolio, but dont seem to have any traffic on it. Any suggestions on Behance success?
  • @Billy Glow

    Hi Billy,

    This makes total sense. Thank you for the suggestion, really appreciate it!

    Stay safe!
  • @Patrick Ofosu
    Hi Patrick! I've heard of Dribble but never looked into it! Thank you, great suggestion.

    Keey safe!
  • Hi Rachel, hope all is well! https://dribbble.com came to mind, if you haven't already. :)
  • I’d get Reddit too as that's a huge platform for creatives finding other creatives too and I even got a freelance job from there
  • LinkedIN for business purposes. But make sure you will be focused on all of them. Dont use them sparingly and scarcely. I think its better to have less and do the good job there and then expand on new. Or have people doing it for you.

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