What are your best creative resources for inspiration, things to do, events to inspire, that you wish you knew about from the beginning?


  • So, so many great publications and articles on Medium! Whenever I'm struggling, that's where I become unstuck.
  • The best inspiration I ever get is right before falling asleep or right after wacking up in the morning. So whenever I can, I try to stay in bed and simply be there.
    Observing people is another one and paying attention to my emotions.
  • Hey Raafaye,

    I find nature a great source of inspiration; when I'm feeling stuck it helps me clear my head and get a little less unstuck and I also think that nature provides good clues for great colour schemes. Not sure if it was something I didn't know about from the beginning but it's definitely something I like to practice nowadays.
  • In my opinion there are four great ways to help with inspiration.
    All of these approaches are basically disconnecting from the digital and finding a place where you let go of FOMO and get into JOMO.
    CONTEXT Initially you need to give yourself context. What is it you are trying to be creative about.
    Most great ideas comes from the need to solve a problem. If you create a problem for yourself or find things you think could be improved, this really helps with coming up with ideas.
    I always try to challenge myself to read weird books I’d never normally read, say on charity or data control, something outside the normal box.
    Given a context, it’s sometimes good to think and read around it.
    It’s great to disagree on things. So getting into a place where you can debate and discuss ideas is great for inspiration. It also tests out your thoughts.
    So just sit in a room with people and debate ideas. Lots of things get started from there.
    Boredom is so good for inspiration. Literally go for a walk and daydream or think about the problem you want to solve.
    If you’ve done a little bit of research on it and have the basic premise in your head that premise will take you anywhere you want to go and possibly to places you never thought you’d go.
    Then, a few of the other things you can do you are;
    Set aside specific times for thinking. A good piece of advice for that is to get your to do list out the way before you even try to use your imagination.
    Make yourself have creative days. Where you go to museums, watch documentaries, read books etc To fill up the inspiration part of your brain.
    Go on holiday regularly to make yourself bored.
    Put time limits on social media and your phone to stop you always ‘checking’
    Have email times, especially at the weekend. Work within those.
    Just give yourself a chance to be inspired.
    Good luck.
  • Here are some links you may find interesting (they're mostly specific to Copywriting but the information can apply to other creative disciplines)


  • Eye Magazine is an independently run magazine which you will love. I recommend you suscribe if you can: http://www.eyemagazine.com/

    They also have an events listings on their website which you can view here: http://www.eyemagazine.com/events
  • I think creators always need to find inspiration from outside of their core domain. I'm a digital designer by trade and love what I do but I get a lot of inspiration from doing other things too. For me, prowling London and shooting all the fabulous street around really inspires me.
  • Yes! Great tip Raafaye, I signed up for the Museum Association card last week. Such good value, and something that lots of people don't know about – I only discovered it recently.
  • Another creative resource in London is cheap theatre tickets for any one under the age of 25, it’s schemes run by the likes of national theatre to give affordable theatre tickets for around £10 

    National theatre - entry pass - under 25 
    Barbican - young barbican  - under 25
    Royal opera house - student scheme
    Mouse trap theatre projects - under 30 
    (better offers for younger you are)
  • One amazing cheap creative resource I found out about is the museum association card which costs around £55 a year to get access to all the paid exhibitions from the Tate’s, V&A, Hayward gallery, British museum,  Barbican, portrait gallery, house of illustration. ( it also works nation wide not just london museums and galleries)  

    It’s called entry pass (it isn’t the prettiest card but it’s amazing)


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