What do you feel about unpaid feelance work where you can get ‘exposure’?


  • I’m not opposed to offering ‘free’ work in the design industry as long as it’s done on your terms. The kind of people who would reach out and ask you to work for free are normally not the type of people who are great to work with. If you do ‘free’ work, it needs to be of benefit to you or for a good cause - otherwise why are you doing it? Strategically offering your services for free to; A: companies or orgs you’d like to get in the door with will give you connections to that industry; B: companies or orgs you would like on your portfolio will strengthen your portfolio, C: if you’re in the early stages of your career offering your services for free could get you great references and referrals to improve your chances of being hired more often in future. All of these options will help forward your career and you should only do free work if you have the time and the means. That being said, please try and avoid accepting offers from random businesses (that you have no connection to or belief in) promising ‘exposure’ as compensation because they are usually tryers and it brings down the whole industry when our craft is undervalued by people giving out their hard earned skills for free to people who don’t appreciate it. Hope this helps!
  • No such thing as free work. Working for exposure is extorsion that is almost never rewarded. If it is rewarded, most of the time, the exposure you get is a reputation as a photographer who works for free. Anyone requesting free work for 'exposure' should be ashamed.
    Also from my expeiance, alot of these brands and companies seeking for free photographers tend to claim all rights on your images. So, be careful.
    To be clear, work for exposure is not the same as collaboration work.
    Collaboration and TFP is rewarded not in exposure but in work that is worthwhile, reall contacts and relationships with other creatives, stimulation and inspiration.

    Dont reward these people. Post a casting call and meet some likeminded people instead. Lots of us make time for collabs.
    Best of luck
  • It really depends on the situation and where that freelancer is in their journey. Exposure is just one aspect of it.
    There's also experience, connections, collaboration, future work, building your portfolio, etc.

    For example, if a freelancer wants to get into a certain field but has zero experience in that field, how would someone trust that the work will be done effectively?

    I'm sure many other creative freelancers on this platform have done free work that have led to dope (well paid) projects & dope connections. I think it really depends on where someone is, and what they're willing to do.

    If a company, or client, actually has the budget though, they should be paying for it. If it's free or for "exposure", then there should definitely be lots of creative freedom given to the freelancer.
  • Bluntly — I despise it with all my might. Work is work, that is your time and your skills being put to use for someone else’s needs. You deserve to be paid without any doubts.

    I ask the obvious simple question to those who do accept that type of work.

    Why should you SPEND your precious time and get NOTHING while a company MONETISES your FREE work to gain a PROFIT?

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