What do you prefer to use as a photographer in your work (Both Personal and Professionally): Shooting Film or with a Digital Camera?

Why Film? Why Digital? Why Both?
There are so many answers. I know professionals who shoot 8x10 Film exclusively and others who have a Full iPhone Rig with attachable lenses.


  • It is really up to your personality and your budget. If you are willing to print ur work in big sizes then film is always a goto thing. U can literally print a film in any size without losing much detail thankfully to the burnt points. Most fashion and portrait photographers are in love with film because of it's unique colors & skin tones. :)
  • Preferably both. Budgets dictate it most of all. That and how quick a client wants a turn around most want an edit ASAP. Digital is good and fast. Efficiency is key now which does suck some joy out but the time you save is amazing. I’d love to have a 35mm client though.
  • Depends on the project. I tend to use digital for jobs where the feel of the image is not necessarily a factor, and where speed of delivery and quantity are requirements. Personal and more art directed work is always on film. Some people are able to get work shooting exclusively on film, either because it’s what they’re known for and they insist on it, or they choose jobs where the client is more open to the medium. But I generally feel, use what you have and make it work.
  • Hello!
    I shoot on film. I like the consideration it brings to my photography. There is nothing more annoying than getting a roll back and realising you didn't focus properly or check the light reading. Of course professionally this can be damaging, so I do make sure I shoot lots of film covering all bases.
  • Amateur photographer here. I sold my digital reflex a few years back and switched to a mirrorless digital body. I just love the flexibility those cameras can give you. Especially as an avid street photographer. They're small but let you mount prime lenses instead of being stuck to whatever a compact camera comes with (unless it's a pretty expensive compact camera).
    I also like film, but to be honest I haven't been shooting on films in a while now... my blocker is mainly where to print!

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