What do you think about partnership on some project, where one person looking for another creative person to help with project for free?

Are you going to accept that kind offer if you "see" some potential of that project? Sometimes a good idea could worth much more if you believe in it. What is your opinion? Are you going to help someone for free until you see "first money"?

Marko Tadic CEO - Main Editor at MRM-STYLE.COM


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  • Hannah Uguru Graduate

    Exposure and experience don't pay the bills, not everyone has the luxury of being able to labour for free and they shouldn't be expected to either. That's one thing I dislike about the media and fashion industry, this mentality needs to go.

  • Liz Wixley Author

    I think it's an excellent idea in principle. I'm an author and work with narrators on a 50/50 basis for my audiobooks. This mostly works well but does also have its pitfalls. I have also worked with an editor in the US who worked on my books out of the goodness of her heart. Having intially been a reader of my books she understood exactly what was required. What we both gained from it was a mutual friendship and understanding and have regular conversations on many issues.

  • Paul Chiedozie Actor / Film maker / CEO of Zems Entertainment

    I think it's the core of PURE passion which intern breeds creativity. Unfortunately it doesn't work due to people not understanding and losing the concept of real passion. Finance has clearly become peoples passion and subtle motivation. (For understandable reason of course)

  • Glen Paul Mendes Fine Art Visual Artist

    I haVE RECENTLY FINIShed an art practice personal project course involving 12 other artists, its structure is based on an individual mixing up influences from other existing projects by dissemination and dissection to arrive at new conclusions to strengthen existing ideas it becomes a platform to launch from. it offers opportunity confidence and promotion all of which work, so no matter how messy the creative crew are take as standard that the end result will be a beautiful performance so long as the center is strong, that is it has vision and purpose and an end goal when its a win win we all advance and prosper our career aspirations are satisfied and we want more of that.

  • Omar EO Ahmed Artist & Creative Director

    Money factor varies depending on personal circumstances. I tend to explore the opportunity and not the money. However I always analyse the intentions and ethos of the other parties involved. Great collabs can result in majestic innovation, fulfilling expression and personal growth but this is not always the case. Great discernment is needed before committing to a collaboration. Case by case for me.

  • Christina Banjo Creative Director | Accessories Designer

    Hey everyone! Love all your responses. I think it would be beneficial for both if it's a trade for a trade. I have a creative community alwayscreate.co where I am thinking of posting creatives who want to trade their skill to get help on a project with another creative. If you are interested please do send me a message

  • Szu-Ju Lai Internship

    If it’s a really nice opportunity, I am willing to do it. For me, the experience is more important than the money before starting work. I would like to accumulate my skills, strength and experience in advanced before a real and stable placement.

  • Vic Schwarz Fashion & Portrait Photographer

    I think it depends on your point of view. If its a very special project you both are passionate about it could be worth the investment of time and money! The best projects happen in these constellations. <3

  • Erika Roger photographer

    If I feel like it’s a nice concept and it could help with my portfolio, why not?!

  • Jane Hayes Account Director/ Creative Producer seeking new role

    I understand that unpaid work can be beneficial during studying but it can also lessen the value of creative work. Creativity is as valuable as strategy, when you undertake un paid work you can set a precedent that is hard to reverse!

  • Niamh O'Dwyer Stylist

    Hi Marko. Sorry for my delayed response. Tkns for interest. I do very little menswear. What did you have in mind. I have litttle funds too for travelling. What could be done?

  • Catalina Scabini Intern

    I´m always open to try new things, and step in new challenges. I´m a big fan of collaborations as long the work of each proffesional is properly credited and respected. In terms of remuneration i think in the fashion industry specially when somene is starting have the oportunity to collaborate with different people is essential, of course everyone i looking for something different, i personally think you can get a lot by collaborating with other creatives beside the payment, specially if you really like the offered project.

  • Maninder Paul Social Media Trainer, Facebook Ads, Digital Marketing

    I personally believe that working for free doesn’t give the right perception of how “valuable” your skills and services are. Someone suggested an interesting concept that instead of doing a skill swap (a better phrase of asking for free work) is that both pay each other even if it means paying £50 for 1 hour worth if each other’s time.