What do you think of my work?


  • What do I think of my work? I really do like some of the work I've produced, especially when there's a story behind it, when it has involved researching, meeting and working with people who get it and who are ready to look into new ways of thinking and collaborating, when clients have taken a risk by hiring me for the first time and I've exceeded their expectations and they want to hire me again and again not because I'm a safe pair of hands but because they know I'll do something different, researched and even better next time. I'm always critical of my work because I know where the bodies are burried and convinced how better it could have been if I'd been allowed to play with bigger budgets, have more time and more creative freedom.You're absolutely right James, some people can't accept constructive feedback and diversity and this is why people are playing it safe by producing the same comfortable work than everybody else pretending they're doing something new. Don't even get me started on tastemakers...I'd like more people to come forward and be really honest about what they think. Come on freelancers, we don't want to hear our work is nice, we want some honest opinions and constructive criticism, don't we?
  • Hi Daniel,

    We can be so critical of our work that sometimes it's good to get some constructive feedback from people you respect in the industry. Thank you! I'll keep on keeping on bettering what I do everytime. :))
  • Hi Carine,

    I’d recommend applying for one of our Portfolio Masterclass events - as it’s a brilliant place to get feedback on your work.

    If you follow the page here:


    You’ll get updates on the next one focused on art direction / stylists

  • I love the bold question - but what I find most revealing is that after more than a day of its being asked, your question has only had one response.

    One of the things that's missing from my work life is critique. If I were to be doing a desk job or working in an office somewhere, I'd probably have an appraisal every year, along with maybe some kind of supervision meeting where a manager or someone would go over my work, and we might find ways I could improve or do things differently.

    The creative world is so different. I can't remember when - if ever - anyone took a look at my work and (politely) ripped it to shreds. I understand the work we do is subjective, but there's still so much in the way of feedback that's possible, and we can't afford to be thin-skinned about it or too precious about it.

    Years ago I was a member of a photo critique site, where nobody actually did any critiquing. Every photo was met with a "Great shot! 10/10!" but when I offered constructive feedback, I was told I was being rude and destroying the community.

    I don't give feedback anymore...

    It's tough - when you've reached the level you have, you must know how strong your work is, but the drive to improve has to always be there - no matter how impressive your client list might be.

    Let's turn that question around - what do you think of your work?

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