What is a typical freelance design hourly rate ?


  • @Ana Beatriz Fernandes This is exactly how I work out my pricing too! Use an hourly rate as a base and then price by project. Also, value of the work is a big consideration too especially when thinking about how much profit the company will gain from your work. You wouldn't charge the same fee for a small start up as you would a massive corporation!

    The Futur has so many youtubes about pricing - particularly value based pricing. It's really insightful and I'd highly recommend everyone checking them out if you haven't already!
  • Definitely depends on the skill level of the designer - but also charging hourly as you become more skilled gets problematic as you are generally quicker at ideation and production because you have more experience. Therefore, a top designer would potentially earn a lot less than a junior if we were all to price by hour - crazy! As many people have said already - its much better to price by day or by project. That being said I'd expect a junior to charge around £20-30 and a senior £30-40 as a base for pricing.
  • Hi,

    This is great topic to get a sense of what everyone else is doing, thanks for prompting it!

    I calculate my fees on an hourly rate of £30 but tend to provide the client with a cost per project/task.
    I will only work on an hourly rate basis for additional work or for any changes/amendments excluded from the initial scope.

    Best of luck!
  • Here's a good resource for working out daily and hourly rates: https://freelancerclub.net/resources/blog/post/freelance-rates-as-a-graphic-designer

  • Hi Rob,

    I'd angle it between £25 and £35 per hour based upon experience, but typicaly I'd work by the day or half day.
  • In Nottingham, typical rates seem to be between £50-£70/hr if you are going to an established design business or agency, one man bands will work from about £30 hr.

    I'm not suggesting you are wanting to sell on price, but price is always relative, from experience you can be assured of 2 things there will always someone younger and someone cheaper. So you need to be able to justify/know why you are asking for your particular rate, be it daily or hourly.
  • HiAgain,

    It is wishfull thinking being paid upt to £50 per hour or £400 per day. Seriously, realistic rates are £20-30 per hour or £180-300 per day in London. These rates are via recruitmet agency for senior designer with strong international experience (corporate, creative etc). Higher rates are for multimedia, motion/animation and web development.
    The rest are pie in the sky.
    At present job market, you should quote per job rather than per hour or day.

  • Depends on the level of the designer and experience. Ie) a junior will be a lot less than a senior or creative director.

    One of the assessments you’ll need to make around your budget and costing when choosing the appropriate candidate will depend on what you need doing and the complexity of the project. For more complex projects you’re better off using a more senior designer as a rule of thumb. The complexity tends to have a proportional weighting on the fee structure. If the job has specific requirements and a more complex skill set needed“, this will also likely increase the hourly rate.

    Very roughly you can expect anywhere from £20-50> ph.

    Will also depend on where the freelancer is based.
  • I don't buy by the hour as design work can never be really done in that wa - I stick to booking people for half or full days. Depending on experience, Senior Designers I would pay £400 a day for usually.

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