What kinds of writing sample should I submit for an interview with a creative agency?


  • The samples that show you can write for them i.e. something similar to what they do, or a spec sample that could work as an extension of something they've already created. And the samples that represent your personality and the work you want to do.
  • show solid record of your written work, something that took serious effort to produce.
  • Anything that shows that you're clever, cheeky and have a fresh point of view (about regular stuff). That can be a print headline, but also good FB/IG/Twitter posts. If you're more into content, you can try that too. Basically, to a be a solid creative you should be good at ideas&concepts and your craft, in your case, writing. And that's what you need to show CDs. Each has their style and likes certain things and certain media more than others, but a good idea is a good idea.

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