• totally agree @Simon Morris, in fact a leader is more of a follower rather than a guide. Check out my article about it here:
    and my webinar about leading with awareness:

  • The key elements in Leadership are Intergrity, for you to effectively lead a team or company this is essential. People need to believe that you are a person of your word. Self Awareness is key, because you need to see how people see you and how you see yourself. Is there alignement? If not why? You know yourself as a person and you would like to viewed in a certain way, but is that how they see you. Getting that feedback from your team is essential and most times quite releasing in terms of your growth as a leader. Use of influence is paramount, it needs to meet up with your vision and be above board. Use of influence at all costs is detrimental. Essentially all elements listed in terms of what makes up leadership are correct and the emphasis placed on them.

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