What other networking brunches/ dinners/ talks events like 'Good Girls Eat Dinner' do you know?


  • I'm hosting a series called "Women, Wisdom & Wine" and we are providing space (and sometimes food) for dinner series such as "Wonder Women Dinner".... if you are into startups in general, then also check out TableCrowd!
  • GGED is outstanding, and Jo Wallace (it's founder) unstoppably inspirational. The spaces and places I'm regularly at are BAME2020 (great evening this week with about 120 people), SheSaysUK (consider their brilliant mentoring programme WhosYourMomma), Powersuit Social, Token Man, NABS (their speed-mentoring evenings are particuarly good), BIMA who run regular sessions on digital marketing, and PridePM. Also consider online communities where you'll find like-minded souls like Copywriters Unite (Vikki Ross also runs real-world session), Dear Adland and more. Good luck, I've found that the more I get out the more I grow.
  • Meeting good folks:


    And this is also great for craft:

    Hope that helps.
  • Hey @Nancy Vu!
    'Ladies, wine and design' (https://ladieswinedesign.com/) is a classic to meet other women in the design industry, but I have recently heard about 'Triangirls' (https://www.triangirls.com/), they organise different types of events and talks focused on helping women build their careers and make the design and tech industry an equal playing :-)

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