What podcasts do you listen to for inspiration? Would love some new recommendations :-)

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  • Patrick Evans Brand Strategist

    Well out of the norm, but I really love the variety of people on Rich Roll's podcast, Ezra Klein and Next Economy Now.

  • ivan kireev CEO

    I would say the answer varies according to your particular needs and desires. Personally, I'm enjoying "The Evolving Media Podcast" at https://evolvingmedia.podbean.com/

  • Abbey Darling Producer

    I've got a whole google doc full of my favourites - DM me your email and I'll send it over x

  • Hugh Waldren Product Manager

    Search for "How I Built This with Guy Raz", this has loads of podcasts on people telling their stories of how they founded a variety of great products and companies.

  • Brendan McKnight Head of Content & Community

    I've just started listening to How to Fail (it's four seasons in, so lots to catch up on!). The host Elizabeth Day has also just released a book with the same name.