What podcasts do you listen to for inspiration? Would love some new recommendations :-)

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  • The best podcasts I kno:

    Invisibilia : about everything psychological that can’t be seen by the eye, fav episode I would recommend is the personality myth.

    Radiolab : mostly science orientated but it’s far broader and one of the most fascinating podcasts out there which really help you grow as a person.

    Ted radio hour : it’s about particular topics where it gives you overview/summaries of 4 different ted talks all about the same topic. 

    Lse public lectures: its where experts come together to talk about various topics such as politics, inequality, social justice etc. 

    More perfect: it’s about the history of Supreme Court/cases in America amazing.

    Storycorp: amazing individual peoples stories
  • Creative Lives and Design Matters are classics! Also a big fan of Rebel Hearts (all about women in music) and 2 Dope Queens for all round good funny listening :~)
  • Desert Island Discs, The Moth and This American Life are all classics.
    HBR IdeaCast, How I Built This with Guy Raz, The Dave Chang Show, Second Life, In Good Company, Ctrl Alt Delete.
    I've started listening to podcasts at x1.2 speed otherwise I'd never get through them all!
  • Design related:
    Arrestallmimics - https://soundcloud.com/arrestallmimics

    Non design related:
    Bruce Lee Podcast - https://brucelee.com/podcast
    Impact theory - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnYMOamNKLGVlJgRUbamveA/videos
  • Lauren Ingram's Power Suit Podcast
    Mellor & Smith's Take Fucking Risks
    Dave Dye's Stuff From The Loft
    Mark Pollard's Sweathead
    GASP's Call To Action
    My husband's Hip Hop Saved My Life
  • Rich Roll podcast is great, has a wide array of different people on t but always interesting
  • - In Good Company by Otegha Uwagba
    - Ctrl Alt Delete - a classic on the podcast scene
    - Creative Rebels
    - Power Suit Podcast for inspiration on staying skilled up for jobs in the creative industries (that's my own podcast - next episode is with photographic agent Germaine Walker)
  • I've started a podcast called The YSM8 Podcast. I explore identity, representation, spirituality, creativity and food stories through a British-South Asian lens.

    In the first episode, I chat with a close friend about cancer, Punjabi food, sisterhood, and gratitude.

    Would love to know your thoughts :)
    Poonam x
  • I love Oh No Ross and Carrie: http://ohnopodcast.com

    Really hard to describe but they do investigations that are well worth checking out!
  • Hi Sophie.

    I would suggest TheFutur podcast (and videos). They're really great. Lots of valuable content.
  • Well out of the norm, but I really love the variety of people on Rich Roll's podcast, Ezra Klein and Next Economy Now.
  • I would say the answer varies according to your particular needs and desires. Personally, I'm enjoying "The Evolving Media Podcast" at https://evolvingmedia.podbean.com/

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