What's the best advice you've had on pitching your ideas for funding?


  • Don't start pitching when you need the money. Build relationships with investors early on and work on developing your product (and also generating revenue) in the meantime. If you are a first-time entrepreneur then investors would want to see some proof that your idea can actually turn into a profitable business. Practice makes perfect! :)
  • To find someone who has something to gain from your project. That goes without saying, but on art projects it can be tricky. Once you have one investor it's quite easy to find the rest. Here's an example. A publication designer approached a gallery once saying that since they were having a big exhibition of an artist's work, wouldn't they want to make an exhibition publication. They said no due to cost. So she apprached an art collector who had a large collection of the artist's work. That guy said no to the sum she originally asked for (she had bet on that and asked for more) and my friend came back with some figures for how this might affect the positively value of the artist's work. She got half the money she had asked for but was then able to go back to the gallery for the rest. The project happened and the designer got paid. Lesson: don't always take no for an answer, and use anything you do get to get more from somewhere else.
  • I'd get a few practice pitches in before you pitch your ideal investor! Great way to do this is pitch people you're not that fussed about raising from &/or people you've hard aren't great investors ... that way when you meet the people you really really want funding from, you'll be ptich ready inc having a great sence of the questions you'll be asked and your ideal answers to those questions :-)
  • I have been gathering this sort of experience in game development industry but its applicable to many different.

    At least functional mockup. Better to have vector slice (function, visuals, audio, etc) with tested users or gathered opinions (depends from the project). Find a problem and fix it with your proposal. Connect disruption and sustainability. Prove you are worth a trust (previous projects and experience in finishing and funding projects). Simplicity wins.
  • Pentagram UK done a nice video insight on pitching.

    My advice would be make sure you research budgets and costs so you can give clear rough amount of funding needed. How is the money going to be used how much would be spent on producing the work.

    Make sure you have well clear and simple pdf with mockups to give context.

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