What's the best free blogging platform out there? One that's easy to set up and maintain?

My instinct is to go for Medium but I believe they charge now.


  • I have to say WordPress. Used it for years, on and off. Medium is also perhaps worth having, but you could always just copy your WordPress blogs across to Medium, so you're on both.
  • WordPress is very straightforward, it was the platform I was required to use as a student. Some elements are a little hidden when it comes to editing your site's but the basics are easy to grasp.
  • One that I have used for both a personal blog and a technical one (for games development) at university is WordPress. It's really simple to set up and I have always managed to do everything I needed using the free content they have :)
  • Medium is the one that springs to mind.

    If your site is like a squarespace you could set up a blog page.

    Quora may be another to look at
  • Hi Ben, medium is good. They only charge if you want to read more than three articles a month. You can post for free.

    Another good platform that's really growing in popularity is Substack. Well worth checking out and integrates well with twitter.

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