What's your great design story?

Tell us about some eureka moment you had that unlocked a project, a breakthrough moment in your career, a brilliant presentation, or more. Use this as a moment to shine. Because you're all stars in my book.


  • I was 32 last year. Walking with my girl between green fields.
    Wandering and wondering why I feel so special but I never did anything that will keep me focus for long and will bring me enough money to travel and discover the world. What will give me joy and freedom and stay with me continuously. I was doing music, DJing, making games, so coding and designing and producing and dancing, dancing, dancing... Actually looking for myself. Anyway, whatever I was doing I always did some graphics or drawings or schemes.
    Eureka! Graphic Design... short way to do more artistic things in certain moment. So I started building portfolio. Send my first version of it... Nobody answer. One woman to let me do some simple t shirt designs for free. Wow Miami, cool. Okay. Some magazine from LA wanted to print my work (they found me on IG). I was experimenting. More simple abstract art than Design. I didnt know the market and its needs. Half year later I wasn't disappointed. I pushed outside my comfort zone.Researched and explored trends. Did Many different stuff on mockups but I knew what I love. So it was pretty cool in one style. Some agencies started to answer. But, whoa! They are very cool agencies! WOW, WOW, it's working! Related to music, great! Or non corporate, great! One of them asked me if I do some motion stuff. I said I just started one month ago and I will update you soon with my new works. Why not! They loved it. Expecially expressed the love when I sent them 3D stills. Soon I will send some Simple 3D Motion, because I can't do complicated renders on my computer bought for 100Dollars... I build whole portfolio on it! Why not?
    Lately private art dealers from Manhattan found me and said they want to sell my art. I was shocked. Took my time and after month send them big format works (mixed Cinema4D + Photoshop). They love it. We are signing contract soon. The point is: Dream big, go big and never give up. Even if you are not 20 or 30 years old :)))
  • Well, not exactly what you asked, but I wrote about a great design story and had fun with that: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/wheel-turns-christiane-lange/

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