What type of projects (and how many projects) do I need to add to a portfolio to get work as a UI Designer.



  • I would agree with Moeez here. And the question "what type of projects", what type of projects do you gravitate toward the most? What's your strong suit? What projects brought you the most joy and what would you like to take on in the future?

    The work that you put out there will attract a specific client and also those who have specific needs. So I would focus on figuring out who it's you want to attract, and curate your portfolio accordingly.

    Choose your BEST projects, don't showcase all of them. Clients browse through portfolios fast, they don't often look at all of your projects. So having your best work ensures that you're putting your best foot forward in instances where the client might only look at one or two projects. You want those one or two projects to give off the best possible impression.
  • @Moeez Ahmed But what type of projects. ie is it good to design a Loader, redesign of a big brand web site, a UI Watch Face etc.

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