What was the best creative or career-based event you've been to this year? We'd love to help promote them.


  • Couldn't make it this year, but Jeremy Hill's Off Grid Conference is always great, https://www.offgridsessions.com/

    Wired Live was also great over the past two years, though it doesn't seem to be happening this year.
  • Also a newbie on the scene, lovely people!

    Design x Buisness

    Hosted at Impact Hub Islington

  • For creative techies & everyone who loves the free and open internet - MozFest (next week, London) https://www.mozillafestival.org/en/
  • I hosted 14 Pechakucha shows in Bergen Norway. Sadly did my last show in February.
  • Hi Pip! I started organizing monthly Meetups in Brighton for Female Creatives and Entrepreneurs - 3 Meetups in and the group is growing, women are connecting, collaborating and learning from each other, by giving them mindfullnes tools, business and social media inspiration.
    The aim is to continue these also in NYC and Amsterdam in the Spring.

    You are welcome to join us next time - drinks and nibbles are waiting!

    Happy Friday!
  • Glug London: Where Art and Technology Collide
    UAL Gradute Futrures Week events (especially 'Checklist your way to a dream job' which had The Dots as an event partner)
    Platform Ldn: Takeover 2019
  • The best one was the one you were at ;) - the IPSE freelancer day - but Amazing If do brilliant career- events and share tips on social media
  • Hi Pip!

    I always enjoy Thread events in Bristol. They're geared towards designers, but I'm a copywriter and I personally get loads out of them.

    They've been running for three years. They actually took this year off (so I'm not strictly answering your question here!) but they'll be back with more events in 2020.

    Here's their website: http://www.threadevents.com/

  • Paulina Larocca talk on creativity at Socentral in Oslo:
    She travels to Europe about once a year for work.
  • @Pip Jamieson I actually shot you an email this week about this very same topic!
  • Post Design Festival! It's next month but previous years are always life-changing :^)


    A design festival about the ethics + politics of design and image making.
  • Design indaba in Cape Town is an amazing event for creatives
  • Hi Pip. There's a number of great comic book festivals that are definitely worth promoting (not the commercial, cosplayer-attened types, but the more authorial ones) like ELCAF (East London Comic Arts Festival) in London and Thought Bubble in Yorkshire.
  • Love working with SAP - they are at the heart of some of the best tech innovation right now.
    They always want to outdo themselves. This year‘s Innovation X was crazy - loads of fun pop up AR/VR activations, to flavoured smoke you can suck through a straw!
  • Birmingham Design festival was brilliant, lots of great talks for different reasons, but the second evening was really special, reminded me why creativity is so exciting. Talks by MinaLima (Harry Potter), Gavin Strange (Aardman), Erica Dorn (Wes Anderson) and Framestore.

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