What work boundaries have you set with clients/team? How have they helped you? Here are a few ways to get better at it!

If you’ve got a finger in every pie and feel overstretched, you may have difficulty saying ‘no’.

Next time you face a request, ask yourself: if I say yes to this, what will I say no to?

You have to remove the mindset of busy = success. It’s simply not true.

For every opportunity, client, project, or PR piece that comes your way, take a moment before firing a response

Think about how that opportunity will serve you, is it of financial benefit?

Upgrade your language. Every time you tell yourself, “I can’t”, you create a feedback loop that is a reminder of your limitations.

When you tell yourself, “I don’t”, you create a feedback loop that reminds you of your control and power over the situation.

Read more about boundaries here: https://altmarketingschool.com/how-to-set-better-boundaries-for-yourself/


  • @Teodora Tepavicharova Love all of this Teodora well said!
  • @Charlotte Cox @transforumtheatrecompany @tallulahschnauzer My pleasure!
  • Hey Fab,

    The tricks are great and I will definitely implement some of them straight away.

    I'd say that setting an SLA in the beginning and sticking to it throughout the whole project is a must. Sometimes the clients can be quite demanding and would like to push the SLA due to their convenience/needs, however, as a team/leader, sticking to the set deadline is what can actually help the project turn out in the best way possible and more importantly help the team not getting slammed. :)

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