What would you say is the best way to make it as a professional illustrator?


  • @Jacqueline Colley Yes, you assumed it right haha. Thank you for your response, help a lot :)

  • Hey Isabela, from my experience, being fast to deliver and keeping diverse styles always helped. I could do more in less time, and this way avoid the harshness of freelance finance living.
  • By 'make it' I assume you mean be able to pay your bills and rent and live solely on your income as an illustrator? What I've experienced and see frequently is that the illustrators who accomplish this do so by spinning lots of different plates or monetising different elements of their career and for every illustrator the different pie pieces that make up the whole are different for example for me it's Licensing and royalties / Regular online shop sales / regualr wholesale / occasional product commissions. For somone else it might look like Regular Editorial Commissions / regular Patreon income / Royalties on Font sales / social media partnerships / teaching illustration part time etc etc the combinations are endless and entirely shaped by the type of work that you make. I suppose I'm saying there's not one route that will ensure a career but that it's healthy and a good idea to have multiple income streams :)

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