What would you say the African creative space lacks?


  • Agreed - the safe net options of mass-benefitting projects are what investors may opt for. That has been an issue across the continent because the "risk" of creative business is as far reaching as the effectivness of creative business. Needs to be a calculated investment - one that may be viewed to be more beneficial in other ways.

    Konza is a unicorn in form because of the immense capacity, but in most of Africa it may not be economical if not laid out with a clear road map.

    To answer my question: I think the creative space in Africa lacks recognition for it's vital role in 360-degree elements of our daily lives. Communication in itself is a creative endeavor, and until governments (for example) recognize the role of creative industries, there won't be enough education or resources thrown our way.

  • Great follow-up. I was thinking mainly around the startup / tech sectors when I said that. The founders I know often lament a lack of local investors for one. Many are also wary of big initiatives like Konza and would rather that money go into education, training, and private sector partnerships.

    What about you? How would you answer your questio?

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