When did you realise that you wanted to become a Designer?

What made you tick and follow this pathway into this creative world?


  • It was when I studied GCSE Graphics at school. I didn't think such a career path was possible. Loved drawing comic book characters growing up, I admired movie posters, logos and animations on the Disney Channel but didn't realise that all of these things involved Graphic Design until I studied the subject. Seeing the passion that my teacher had for it and knowing how much he enjoyed it showed me that STEM pathways weren't the only route. I almost couldn't believe it because no one around me had such a job role growing up. The phrase you can't be what you can't see resonates deeply with me.

    (Funny though because I ended up studying Bioengineering only to go back to my first love of Design)
  • I've always been creative since I was a little kid. For me it was enough to have a piece of paper and a pencil to be happy and I could spend hours drawing. I was living in my own world. Later on I started to try to build things, using LEGO bricks and also other materials, I was secretly going to my grandpa woodshop and use all the tools to build what I was imagining in my mind and to make my life simpler or more interesting.
  • When I was 18 I just knew that I wanted to work on something creative. I talked to a friend and he explained to me what graphic design was and that was the beginningbeginning :)
  • So it's funny how life goes sometimes, innit? As a kid I always thought I would grow up to be a comic book illustrator. Then I found out more about fine art and went to uni for it. I looked down on design as being a commercial bastard step-sibling of ART. Then I accidentally fell into digital. My first role was running a Quality Assurance team. I did that for four years before flipping into UX design.
  • When I realised that design is the core of creativity and can be used to impact changes within society!
  • When I realised that academic subjects came easy to me and creative ones were difficult I realised I wanted to spend my life learning a craft that was challenging and uncomfortable. Now some ten years on I have the reverse! Design has become the norm and academics have fallen by the wayside. Life can be funny like that...
  • When i realised design was at the forefront of social change! x

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