When is the best time to be applying for positions and sending out my portfolio to companies given the current pandemic situation?


  • Hello Tabby,

    If you ''feel'' like applying to an offer or a design studio you like, follow that intuiton and do it! If not then don't.

    Situations change and we don't know what the future hodls, follow your present and it will guide you to the right offers.

  • "Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today", "the early bird catches the worm", "build it and they will come", etc etc. All quotes my Mum stole and used in my general direction - and she was right.

    There's always a reason not to apply, and Covid-19 is just another thing to add to the list. Companies will always be hiring and not hiring, making redundancies, winning business and losing business. Covid is just more visible. So - don't delay, get applying, don't give yourself reasons not to because if you've got the talent you'll get hired.

    As Vikki astutely says be selective on who you invest your time with and apply to. BBDO, for example, announced large-scale redundancies and restructuring today so don't apply right now, but, if you like them, add them to a watchlist and as soon as they start winning business (which they will) you'll know it's the right time to pick up the phone.

    Get out there, don't delay, find the role you're destined for & don't make Covid-19 a barrier to your future.

  • There's always the time to do this, you just have to target right e.g. don't contact a company that's just been reported to have made cuts. And when you do, make sure what you say and send is relevant - do your research so you can build on something they've just done or been noticed for. That way, they can picture you as someone interesting and interested - and perhaps part of the team.
  • Hey @Tabby Lazenbury, there's no clear answer to this question regardless of the current situation as every potential employer is different.

    There are lots of solid points made in the other responses, but sincerely, the ones I agree with most wholeheartedly are those that say NOW is the time to be applying for positions, if that's something that you want to or need to do.

    Don't wait for permission. Some people won't reply, that'll always be the case. Don't feel guility about chasing up. Absolutely apply when new opportunities get posted. All businesses will be affected differently by this. For some, the work will be flowing thick and fast, for others, it'll grind to a halt.

    As advised below, there's plenty that you can be getting on with if work isn't forthcoming. It could be a great opportunity to polish your site, socials or portfolio (not necessarily in that order) or to try some new, more experimental work.

    If you're really struggling for motivation, but do feel like you want to get back to making work, I'd recommend giving this short video a watch: https://youtu.be/dTGvbhqWoFI

    Good luck and don't worry. This will pass.

  • If you see a role that has been posted during the current circumstances, then totally apply for it!! (I have seen plenty of new roles) ... if there are no advertised roles and you were referring to directly sending your CV and portfolio to companies, hold back until after this is over as there may not be anyone looking at the emails, they may have a freeze on recruitment and many other reasons. Also, is your portfolio at its very best? :)
  • Hi Pete,

    Please read the comments I sent to Tabby. The info might help you, good luck and stay safe. Best Andy
  • Hi Tabby,
    As other Designers have said here it's not the best time with the current climate. On a positive note I would focus on a really good portfolio PDF or
    website like Squarespace, put FEWER pieces of work in but put your BEST work in. My biggest tip would be try and pick up a couple of freelance projects you can do remotely or even set youself a small logo branding project to do targeting the right audience. Your way into the industry at the moment is by freelancing and networking. Stay positive and stay focused you will get a break. Good luck and stay safe. Best Andy (experienced Graphic Designer with over 30 years experience and I'm finding it tough finding work too.
  • @Pete Brady Same with me Pete, I am looking for a new opportunity as well! I am Graphic Desing, but I would love to have advice and guidence!

    I have also done some Produc Design projects and I would love to hear your opinion


    Thank you!
  • Hey Tabby, I would say there is not best time especially in this current sitauation we find ourselves. I would not hesistate and put your porfolio out there, you could be even be freelance for someone until they can commit to full time which also allows you to gain valuable experience.
    I think now is a time we, as creatives, can maximise on this 'extra time' so I would not be shy or wait for a 'perfect time'

  • Hi Tabby. It's really tricky isn't it? The problem is many of the people you might be contacting might be furloughed and so unable to reply to work email. However they may not. I'd go for a two phase approach. Contact now and then contact again post-lockdown. Regards answering job posts; if there is a position being posted then I think go for it. I hope this helps on some level. The very best of luck.

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