Where’s the best place to start learning motion design?

Hi all. I’m looking to upskill and learn some motion design. I have a lot of graphic design experience but don’t have any experience in motion design so I’m not sure where to start. A few questions I want some advice on:

- Which software would be the ‘industry standard’ for me to start with?
- Any free resources or courses you recommend for a total beginner?

Any advice appreciated - thank you!


  • The above is a free resource and if you prefer the style of teaching might be worth checking their channel for more. apart from this Ben Marriott and Jake in Motion are two sources for looking up work and they do move tutorials which are easy to follow along.
  • https://www.schoolofmotion.com/courses/beginners-guide-to-design-motion I would recommend this if you completely new to motion design. I think it covers almost everything from start to finish and the tools of the trade.

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