While everyone is cooped up at home, could I have some advice on my portfolio? Struggling to find my first product design role since uni!

I would really appreciate any commentary on my portfolio!
How could I tailor it better for a product/industrial design positon? I have found there to be few opportunities for junior roles, with no significant prior experience.

I am currently creating a new prototype for my most recent project named Soli, but otherwise am exploring other options.

I have picked up illustration as a hobby again, and begun learning the principles of UX/UI design - this is where all the work seems to be. Equally, any advice on these sectors would be great!


  • Do some additional courses online with platforms like future learn they have a really good UI course and loads of other digital skills which will come in handy
  • Hi Jim!
    I also think you have great ideas! You mentioned you don't have the software- Have you tried Fusion 360? I started to use that when I joined a start up where we didn't have money for Solidworks, and I basically used it for everything from 3D modelling, renderings, simple animations to technical drawings and preparation for production- generating G-codes for CNC and 3D printing, etc. Maybe it would be relevant for you especially the rendering tool. It is fairly simple but I think it makes renderings that are representable.
  • @Salomon Onyegbulem Thanks for taking the time!
    That example is very impressive and I agree I could do with creating higher detailed 3D models. Unfortunately I don't currently have the software to reproduce these and do them justice!
    I will try this more simplistic, image led style for my current project - thanks again :)
  • I think your work just need better presentation. You seem to have the appropriate knowledge, and skills; but remember that you're presentation is being judged and compared along with multiple other candidates. I would suggest you present your work in the same fashion the top organizations of the field do. Here's an example of the presentation style I would recommend. https://www.behance.net/gallery/93700587/Pair?tracking_source=search_projects_recommended
  • Hi Jim,

    you hav ea very intersting portfolio. very good ideas. But the way they are presented, is not the right way, first of all the 3d modeling and especialy the rendering should be so much higher (i can send you some inspiration if you want)
    Than the way you tell the story behind the idea should be different.
    And otherwise, it is allways good to know more thing
    and dont give up you have great ideas

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