Who prefers Squarespace over Wordpress and Shopify for brand websites and e-comm, and why?


  • Hi @Frederique Verblakt,

    You absolutely can integrate Squarespace products with Instagram Shopping. One way is using the link found in menu item Marketing > Products on Instagram. Second method (and how I do it) is doing it entirely through Facebook Business Manager (which is where the integration is done no matter which CMS platform you are using) by uploading my product data source (.csv file) manually.

    www.undonestore.com is a SQS e-comm site with full Insta Shopping integration, as an example.

    A third option you have (which I haven't tried yet) is to add Facebook meta data to each product which gets recognized by your Fb Catalogue through the use of your Fb pixel.
  • Would not recommend it. Although you can build very easily a beautiful website compared to Shopify (which is more expensive and templates are less flexible), you cannot integrate it with Instagram shopping...which I think is a very important feature to have. Most people prefer Wordpress, but I think just for building ecom/brand websites Shopify is a good choice.

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