Who would be interested in an event about “When is the right time to start a family?”

This idea has been boiling in my head for a while and I wonder if it’d be of interest to anyone?

Or something along the lines of “Will having a baby ruin my career?”

Where we discuss our own journeys and the realities of what it’s like. And answer any questions you may have?

Yay or nay?


  • @Carolin Drzalic yes, it’s a can of worms! That’s why I don’t know why more of these conversations don’t really happen… I think most people leave it to the last minute to think about this things. We should be doing it in advance!

    But I haven’t seen a lot of interest here to be honest. Maybe it’s a silly idea
  • @Luana D'Elias Thomas Yay! I don't have a family, but I definitely would like to have one one day without losing my career in any way. I do think it's possible, but I also believe that most of the time we don't dare because we are afraid. There's a lot to say...Anyways, yay! I'd like to be part of the event and hear AAAALLL the opinions :D

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