Would you pay for a 'find a flatmate' service?

Experimenting with an idea. You're looking for a flat share, but you're concerned about the people you're going to live with. Would you pay for a service (such as an app website etc.) to help you find potential flatmates? The service takes into account particular interests, personality traits, lifestyle habits, and finds people you have those things in common with. What do you think?

- Kal


  • Hey Sophie, thanks for your reply, it was suoer helpful and got me thinking. How about this? You live in London and you've just accepted a job offer in NY. You don't know anyone in NY and you're looking for a place to live and people to live with (Preferably near your workplace and with people you can get along with). Would you use a service that helped you find a place to live with like-minded people, around the same age, working at the same company, or in a similar profession/social circles to yours?

    Context: A platform to help you find flatmates (Working in the same company, similar professions or social circles) when relocating internationally for work. Helping you find a good home, flatmates & friends when moving to a new country.
  • Think it would depend on insights in to the community size for this kind of service. For me it would only seem like the value was there if I trusted the community was big enough for it to ease struggles I might have connecting with the right people elsewhere.

    Personally, I'm not sure I would pay for something like this currently - but if moving to a new country/city it could be super useful. I know a lot of people who struggled to know where to look, and how to find the right people when moving to a new country.

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