Writers/Creative people, do you get creative ideas through listening to music?

It's something I've experienced with specific music more recently.

I got this one particular Spy TV pilot pops up every time I play Amapiano (South African House music). Just have to figure out the outline for it.


  • Music definitely provokes ideas for me, I’ll listen to a song and I can imagine a specific scene or sometimes an entire video concept from the song alone.

    I also like to listen to music that has the same tone as the project I’m working on when I storyboard, as I find it helps me unlock ideas when I fully immerse myself in the “world” of the project I’m planning.
  • Songs don't give me actual ideas, more like the end of a thread to unravel. If a song I listen to gives me a sense of wonder, I start trying to think about what kind of story would elicit the same feeling and that eventually leads to an idea.
  • I sometimes use music as a way to come up with ideas for topics to write articles, especially if the music is quite political. An example would be ‘The Seed’ by Aurora, or ‘Borders’ by MIA.

    I think music is also helpful as a way to help communicate an feeling or idea, especially if it’s difficult to put into words. It also adds to art by helping to create multimedia pieces and make it more immersive.

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