Wrote about an important lesson clients and creatives need to learn: the value of asking for a budget

So, rather than write a little question about this I thought I'd just put together a short article about why I ask for clients' budgets and why I get that question in early.


While this is directed at clients, it's important for creatives to learn how to talk about money, to be confident around it, and to know why asking for a budget isn't mercenary and is, in fact, a powerful tool.


  • This was a superb article, and very relatable. Very helpful and your points useful, many times I go back and forth with a client for them to ghost me when rate is discussed. Thanks so much for sharing :)
  • This was a super well put together article, and I couldn't agree more! I have had four projects fall through because clients had me quote for their projects and then ghosted me, when it would have been much simpler to approach me saying "we need X and can give you Y does that work for you?". That way, instead of quoting for my greatest effort, I could just adapt to what they can offer (if it meets my acceptable lowest budget for the project, of course).

    It's an important thing for clients to understand that, and I hope your article can help in that process. Good work, great read!

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