Youth owned street-wear brand in need of Graphic Designer or Illustrator for SS/20 collection - are you interested? Let’s collaborate ✍️ | The Dots

Youth owned street-wear brand in need of Graphic Designer or Illustrator for SS/20 collection - are you interested? Let’s collaborate ✍️

With our summer collection soon to be released, we are in need of a Graphic Designer or Illustrator to collaborate and produce a design fit for our brand and orientated by the team.

The collaboration is not on a payed basis but is for designers and illustrators looking to better their portfolio and to merge into a new network.

Our story:


I’m a 15-year-old fashion designer and brand owner based in Hackney, East London. I established my label Dress With Dominance | DWD in late 2018, focusing on cut and sew urban functional street-wear. This summer will be one of our largest projects to date with our first bespoke/cut and sew collection. Me and my business partner have been involved in community work aswell as interns working alongside brands such as Raeburn, Labrum London, Face Magazine, Moda Operandi and Vogue Magazine.

Prior to fashion, I did basic graphic design for minor organisations and continued my design, integrating it into my fashion career.


  • Hello @Leah Twieg

    I'll send over an email this evening. Regarding the question and also some other enquires.
  • Hi Tom,

    I would definitely be interested in collaborating with you on this project.
    Do you have an email address so I can send my portfolio over to you?

  • Hi !

    Would love to help, check out my work on my online portfolio

  • Hi,
    This sounds great! I'm a illustrator, please take a look at my portfolio or instagram.
    Evgenia Chuvardina
  • @Tom Dickson Sounds good, my e-mail is !

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  • @Tom Dickson Hi, my email is - email me there and i’ll be happy to send samples :)
  • Hello @Jen e

    Hope all is well.

    Could we get some examples of your work?

    Send us your email and in the evening we can share ideas.
  • Hello @Dan Pearce

    Hope you’re well.

    Could we get an email from you? From there, you could show us some work.

    Speak soon.
  • Hello @Bahar Aydın

    Our team will go over your portfolio and discuss your work.

    I’ll send an email over this evening.

    Speak soon.
  • Hello @Harry Welford

    My self and team will review your work and send over an email this evening.

    Speak soon.
  • @Shakira Harrison

    Looking forward to exchanging emails - I’ll get in touch.

    After talking with the team.
  • Hello @Gabriela Chojnacki

    Great to hear your story - I’ll make sure to review your work and talk over with the team.

    I’ll send you over an email this evening if that’s okay?
  • @Tom Dickson hey sure thing :)
    You can reach me at . I’m currently working on some street wear designs would love to show you them.

  • Hello @Shakira Harrison

    That sounds very interesting.

    It’s great to hear that you’re based and live around the same culture as myself and business partner.

    Can I send you an email later this evening?
  • Hi Tom my name is Shakira currently living in East London I have worked with brands previously for clothing (please see my profile), would love to collaborate. All of my designs are hand painted and can be used as print designs and embroidery. Would love to have a chat and see what type of style you would like to incorporate. I have worked with street wear brands along with big companies such as amazon helping them to create hoodies for the BLM campaign.

  • Hello Tom,

    I love the idea of my designs on clothes - who doesn't? I have wanted to collaborate with a designer for years now.
    I am currently working on some prints with Doc Cotton - a sustainable clothing production company.

    For samples of my work please have a look at my website
    or catch me on Insta @gabchoj

    And feel free to drop me a line at

    All the best!
  • Hi Tom! Sounds super intresting, im a Graphic Designer from the city so if you would like someone to colaberate with then send me a message! You can see a little of my work on my site and instagram
  • Hi Tom,

    Love the sound of this opportunity and would love to know more. I'm a junior multidiciplinary designer & videographer and has done internship in Manchester with a creative brand called Nutttersons. And now I'm doing a project for Istanbul Bilgi University..
    Feel free to get to know me more in and get in touch via if you'd like more information! :)
  • @Jen e Forgot to mention I’m 16 so could give a youth perspective if necessary
  • Hi, I’m a graphic designer/illustrator if you send me what you want done I can send you sample pieces?

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