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A beginner-friendly workshop exploring connection through embroidery.

Free and open to all.

Drawing from the branding themes of connection and identity, this workshop explores the idea of connection and ‘a common thread’. The workshop is suitable for beginners in embroidery and drawing.
We will take part in an icebreaker task to using a ball of wool, and complete a continuous line drawing of each other without their pen leaving the paper.
We will then use these drawings to hand-embroider onto their own piece of fabric using an embroidery hoop. You can embellish these with beads, buttons and ribbons. There will be story prompt cards to encourage you to share in discussion while you are making.
At the end of the workshop you will be able to take home the portrait of yourself completed by your partner.
Join us to learn simple embroidery skills and make connections with new people.


Attendees — 5

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A Common Thread: Connecting through EmbroideryLondon, United Kingdom