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Your CV is one of the most important Personal Branding Documents in your Job Seeking Toolbox. However, it is also the reason why so many applications are met with the dreaded rejection letter.
THE HARSH TRUTH: Recruiters and hiring managers don’t read CVs; they SCAN them. The average scan takes less than 10 seconds. If your CV does not grab the reader’s attention in those 10 seconds, then it is doomed for the rejection pile.
This workshop will teach you how to set your CV up so that it reads exactly how a recruiter or hiring manager scans it, making sure that your relevant skills and experience are easily apparent and in the most logical order.

You will learn:
  • The key sections of a CV
  • How to write a powerful Personal Summary
  • How to identify and list your core skills
  • How to skillfully articulate your work experience
  • How to set yourself apart from the competition
  • How to avoid the classic mistakes and clichés that can jeopardize and sabotage your job applications.
If your CV is old and out of date or if you don’t even have one to start off with, then this workshop will teach you how to create a professional and polished CV that you will be proud to send out.

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A Guide to Creating the Ultimate CVLondon, United Kingdom