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Part of Thanks for Nothing's symposium: Instructions for the woodcutters: Art, Sustainability and Commitment

As part of the French organisation Thanks for Nothing‘s third annual symposium, Instructions for the woodcutters: Art, Durability and Commitment, the Serpentine’s General Ecology project convenes a conversation on ecological and situated practice.

From the 19-23 October 2020, Thanks for Nothing, in partnership with the Serpentine’s General Ecology project and ArtReview is convening its third annual symposium. This year, the gatherings will focus on environmental and ecological practice across art, architecture and philosophy. Click here for the full programme of the symposium and to book all sessions.

On Thursday 22 October, Serpentine will convene About Place, a conversation taking place on Thursday 22 October between artists Fernando García-Dory (INLAND/Campo Adentro), Isabel Lewis and Serpentine’s General Ecology Curator, Lucia Pietroiusti. Together, the speakers will reflect on the ways in which both artists share a profound commitment to place in their practice – and will discuss ecological work, situated knowledges and rooted practice.

Participants to the symposium Instructions for the woodcutters: Art, Sustainability and Commitment include philosopher Emanuele Coccia, artist Lina Lapelyte, architect Bas Smets among many others.

About Place is part of the General Ecology Network’s activities and is a collaboration between Thanks for Nothing, ArtReview and the Serpentine’s General Ecology Project. The symposium’s title, “Instructions for the woodcutters”, was proposed by artist Lina Lapelytė.


Attendees — 9

 - About Place: Fernando García-Dory and Isabel LewisLondon, United Kingdom