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Organised by INTL

The workshop will be hosted live online where you will join Ardhira and your fellow workshop mates. Participate from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere with a good internet connection. All links and access will be provided ahead of your workshops beginning. 
A basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects is required. Familiarity with Cinema4D is helpful but not necessary. Participants may have to review some material before attending the workshop.
Workshops are open to students, professionals and inquisitive creative minds of all ages and stages.
Language: English
Price: £86
Skills Required: A basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects is required. Familiarity with Cinema4D is helpful but not necessary.
Equipment Required: Computer / Internet
Day 1: Monday 6th June 14:00-18:00 BST
Day 2: Friday 10th June 14:00-18:00 BST
Outcome: Participants will finish the workshop with their own 3D landscape.

About Ardhira
Through a VHS player, we enter the hyper-colored, funky universe of Ardhira Putra, a Singapore-based Indonesian artist who’s been turning his nostalgia into eye-popping works of art. He populates his illustrations and animations with characters, ad tags, and pop visuals inspired by the 1980s and 90s—all with a backdrop of swaying palm trees. This city pop style acts as a throwback to his beloved boyhood and the heydays of laissez-faire capitalism in Asia.
Ardhira Anugrah Putra was born in Jakarta Indonesia in 1988. he graduated from Animation major Multimedia University in Malaysia. He is an Indonesian Film Festival Best Animation award-winning for his work “Surat untuk Jakarta” in 2016. For the past years Ardhira created a visual for a global music scene, from Barefood (Jakarta) Macross 82-99 (mexico) , Nice guys record (france),DJdidilong (Taiwan), Engelwood (US),Yungbae (US), MDSGGN from Stonesthrow record (US), Niagara Triangle – Eiichi Ohtaki, Masamichi Sugi, Motoharu Sano (JPN)
Ardhira’s famous works is Crystal Dolphin MV for Engelwood. Engelwood Crystal Dolphin itself has become one of the most viral sounds of TikTok, reaching over 300 million streams worldwide, going viral on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok 3 times over. The Crystal Dolphin MV featured on some International creative Website article such as CreativeBoom (UK), Motionographer (US), Creativereview (UK), KIBLIND (France). And become a guest speaker at Vancouver Film School for the Crystal Dolphin MV.
Workshop Information
Create your own illustrated scene in a unique 2D/3D style during this 2-day adventure with Ardhira! 
During the workshop, Ardhira will teach you the technical processes from the start, covering 2D illustration and transforming your illustration into a 3D landscape and animating in Cinema4D. 
Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. Familiarity with Cinema4D is helpful, but not necessary.
If you don’t have Cinema4D yet, you can use a 14-day trial that we would recommend starting right before the workshop!


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‘Animated illustration in Cinema4D’ with Ardhira PutraLondon, United Kingdom