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Organised by Somerset House

Artist duo YARA + DAVINA discuss their practice and installation Arrivals + Departures, with Somerset House Director Jonathan Reekie

Tune in to the live conversation via this link here at 6pm on the 22nd September

YARA + DAVINA discuss their social practice and how they together developed ARRIVALS + DEPARTURES, an interactive installation which premieres at Somerset House before going on to tour the UK. In conversation with Somerset House Director Jonathan Reekie, they expand on the timely themes of birth and death and how the current climate has added another dimension to the artwork.

The outdoor installation was commissioned by Artsadmin, a producing organisation, which enables artists to create without boundaries, connecting bold interdisciplinary work with local, national and international audiences.


Attendees — 15

 - Arrivals + Departures: YARA + DAVINA In Conversation With Jonathan ReekieLondon, United Kingdom