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Join this roundtable when we’ll explore the steps businesses can take to ensure their data becomes fuel for growth.
About this event
Organisations have lots of data but what they lack is the data capability to use it meaningfully. In this roundtable with AND Digital and BIMA's Data Council, we’ll explore the steps businesses can take to ensure their data becomes fuel for growth.
What's it about?
AND Digital's recent Fuelling Growth in an Age of Data report paints a frustrating picture for companies. They are fully aware of the growing importance of data to their business success, yet they lack the time, tech and, crucially, skills to wield data effectively.
On Thursday 26 May, join AND Digital and BIMA’s Data Council for a roundtable event which will explore the report’s results in greater detail and consider the next steps for organisations wanting to do more with data.
Why attend?
The report showed that 70% of business decision-makers in the UK feel a lack of data skills is stunting their ability to truly capitalise on data, with 1 in 4 saying it is a major barrier to business growth. With the importance of data continuing to grow, the knock-on effect of this lack of capabilities is the time, cost and effort it takes to implement new data initiatives to drive business growth from an organisation’s most valuable asset.
The majority of business leaders interviewed admitted to feeling anxious about this issue, with areas like London seeing over half of respondents feeling anxious all the time about how they can build data capabilities when few have the budgets to buy their way out of their concerns.
What are the answers to this increasingly crucial problem of data skills? How are organisations tackling building data skills in-house? How can we close the data skills gap?
Who's it for?
We're inviting senior leaders from both agencies and brands to join this roundtable. We hope to see you there!
Limited to 12 attendees to allow for discussion. The Chatham House Rule applies and places are strictly limited to one per organisation.


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BIMA Data Council x AND Digital Roundtable | How to Build Data CapabilityLondon, United Kingdom